The Italian partner, CEIPES, is happy to announce the beginning of the national pilot testing phase in the framework of the project ACT 4 INCLUSION – LIFE IN THEATRE .

According to the activities foreseen by the project, the consortium must implement different pilot phases, testing the activities from the Intellectual Outputs 1 and 2. Specifically, the first output focuses on the development of activities based on improvisation theatre to build pathways that allow participants to develop self-awareness, awareness of space, their emotions, and the potential that artistic activity has for the inclusion of minority groups.

While, in the framework of the second output, partners organizations developed a boardgame – still exploiting the potential of improvisation theatre – to create new methodologies of non-formal education and inclusion.

The Italian pilot phase started with the testing of the boardgame done by professors and students from different high school of Palermo (Liceo Cannizzaro, Liceo Ninni Cassarà, Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Pio La Torre).

The enthusiasm was contagious! They challenged themselves, overcoming the tests of the game and supporting their teammate, cooperating, and hindering other teams!

Next appointments to carry on the pilot phase will take place in Caltanissetta, involving also migrant people, as well as in Palermo with theatre groups for migrants and women who experienced cancer (Associazione IKENGA, Centro Amazzone, Babel Crew).

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