Nothing lasts forever, not even projects. Unfortunately, the time has also come for Act 4 Inclusion: Life in Theatre.

The two-year project started in December 2020, in one of the most difficult years for Europe and the whole world.

The consortium worked hard to complete all the planned objectives; there were many challenges, but just as many satisfactions.

Seeing the realization of the methodological manual with techniques and tips for educators, the board game based on improvisation theatre, the complete project course on the E-Learning mooc platform (all results available on the official project website) was a source of pride after so much effort.

One transnational training, four meetings, many smiles and hopes for the future: we leave behind a big piece of our hearts, but with the knowledge that this is not the end. Projects do not end, in fact, they continue to be if there is the will to pursue our commitment for the community and our neighbors. This is testified by the many appreciations from people who supported the activities of the facilitators and managers, the photos of happy people during the play sessions, the comments, and the experiences of many participants in the theatre activities.

This was the aim of Act 4 Inclusion: to help fragile groups integrating into society by innovative educational methods, such as improvisational theatre and gamification.

Did we succeed in our aim? We hope so!

Meanwhile: thanks again to the wonderful partnership and all the wonderful people we met during these months of hard work and commitment.

Goodbyes are never really goodbyes: the project lives on even after its official closure. Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.