About the project

ACT 4 INCLUSION – LIFE IN THEATRE is a project aimed to extend and to develop the educators’ competences using skills related with the use of social improvisation theatre. The idea is to increase the level of the quality in the pedagogical methods and to have a wider number of methodologies to be used with people with special needs.  The project outcomes are addressed to educators that work in the field of social inclusion. All the partners work and have in their background, competences related with specific categories of special needs. The link with the target group is very important to develop quality contents addressed to the needs of the individuals, increasing their opportunities of learning. Moreover, the project is aimed to increase the use of non-formal education in the field of adult education.

This aspect is very important to create learning pathways about non formal educators for a wider range of educators, working with a wider range of target groups.  

The strategic partnership that makes up this project, identified the existing problem in the development of abilities of the people under study, especially in the development of social and personal skills suffered by adults with fewer opportunities (refugees and migrants, people with psychological disorders, people with physical disability, elderly people, etc). Most of these adults are reluctant to participate in formal education spaces. Therefore, we believe that generating non-formal education spaces with a methodology developed through theatre settings will generate personal tools to offer significant results in the case of anxiety disorders, depression, low self-esteem, and social isolation. 


To increase social inclusion and guarantee a better quality of life for people with fewer opportunities (elderly people, refugees and migrants, people with psychological disorders, people with physical disabilities, etc)

Create innovative practices in the field of education for adults through the development of a work kit through social improvisation theatre and other expressive art tools, which promote a healthy lifestyle, a healthy expression of emotions, self-esteem, the stimulation of decision-making capacity and social inclusion in a multicultural community

Increase the portability of innovative and non-formal methodologies by developing a web platform of multicultural resources for adult educators, trainers and staff, working in different social fields using art therapy methods. The web platform aims to disseminate the resources developed within the project, as well as existing ones

Create innovative tools to facilitate the labour of workers in the field of adult education through the design of a boarding game focused on improvisation theatre

Organizational development of 5 institutions with different experiences and strengthening of the strategic association between them, through the development and dissemination of intellectual products and innovative work methodologies created in the field of adult education and non-formal education.

Educational resources

All the activities of this project will be adapted and designed for all the participant profiles (physical disability, psychological disorders, refugees, elderly people and others). The basis on which this project is founded is the inclusion and therefore, the design of the activities, as the accessibility to them, is fully guaranteed.

IO1: "ACT 4 INCLUSION - LIFE IN THEATRE" KIT – Toolkit of Improvisation Theatre activities methodology in the field of adult education.

IO2: “ACT 4 INCLUSION - LIFE IN THEATRE" BOARD GAME - Board Game based on Improvisation Theatre methodology.



The project is coming to an end: time to make our voices heard!

The project is coming to an end: time to make our voices heard!

On 12th December 2022, the Italian Multiplier Event of the ‘Act4Inclusion – Life in Theatre‘ project was held in Palermo, Italy. After two years, the project came to a conclusion: the results achieved after all this time were presented to an audience of more than 100...

The consortium says Goodbye: Last Stop, Porto

The consortium says Goodbye: Last Stop, Porto

Everything that begins, sooner or later ends. The 'Act4Inclusion - Life in Theatre' project is also slowly coming to an end, scheduled for 14th December. The members of the project consortium, consisting of partners from Portugal, Romania, Spain and Italy, met in...

All on stage in Palermo!

All on stage in Palermo!

An incredible experience: on July 12th, 2022, our partner CEIPES finally concluded the first phase of the “ACT4INCLUSION” project. The project, which includes a consortium with partners from Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Romania, aims at the use of theater techniques as...


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PROJECT NUMBER : 2020-1-PT01-KA204-078581